From employee to manager

As a manager, I have succeeded in formalizing the employees’ roles in my company.
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I am Diana Ortiz, entrepreneur of Multicosas, a company focused on decoration and sale of stuffed animals and costume jewelry in Cali, Colombia. Before being entrepreneur, I worked as an employee in this company. It was then that I realized I wanted to grow as an entrepreneur. My dream was to run that kind of business. Decoration has always been one of my passions and I think it is very practical, so I decided to buy the business from my boss and he accepted. I paid a part in cash with a bank loan and the rest with monthly instalments.


I discovered microMBA through Fundación Carvajal three months after getting my business. Learning how to manage my finances was a very enriching experience. I had many doubts, I did not know many concepts, but I lived intensely every advice. I was open to listening, learning and accepting my weaknesses and virtues.


Participating in microMBA allowed me to change things in my company and identify my income, budget and business profit. It also helped me establish an administrative organization with strategic roles, formalize the payment of social security and pension for my employees and clearly identify my clientele and other competitive advantages. It was incredible, my company increased its profits, from 763 euros per month (2.500.000 COP) to 2,136 euros per month (7.000.000 COP). I even managed to pay off my debt ahead of time.


MicroMBA was a process of transformation and change for my family. My aim now is to have another shop and that my daughters are the administrators of the business.


Diana Ortiz




Decoration and sale of stuffed animals and costume jewelry