When dreams come true

I bought a new commercial property and opened my coffee bar « Paprika »
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Paprikas by Auxilius is a company dedicated mainly to the preparation of food: breakfasts, lunches and desserts, but also to the organization of events.


I set up my company 10 years ago as a consequence of my interest and passion for pastry. I started cooking cakes and other desserts at home and I sold them to my neighbors, friends and family. Afterwards, I had the opportunity to participate in a gastronomic fair in my community that is held the last weekend of every month. That experience allowed me to make myself known, to increase my clientele and my orders, while continuing to work from home. However, my dream has always been to have a space dedicated to the production of food and the reception of customers.


I was very excited when I was selected for the microMBA program. On the one hand, because someone believed in me, in my potential and that of my company; and, on the other hand, because I was finally going to fulfill my dream. Although I had already had the opportunity to buy a commercial property before, it was only two months after the start of the training that I took this opportunity, as it was at that point that I felt safe enough and able to make this leap. And it was all thanks to microMBA.


My dreams became therefore reality, even surpassing all my expectations. My coffee bar is located in a safe area of the city, near a university and other shops. It has a food production area, a space to accommodate my clients and other area to organize events. Now I have three employees: a chef, a person to serve my customers and my husband, who handles the administrative part. My sales went from 200$ to 1,800$ per month, which allows me to cover my employees’ salaries and a loan.


I currently work part-time for my company, primarily for purchase management and for customer acquisition strategies. In a few months, I have managed to stabilize my business. It has not all been easy, my sales dropped during some months, but that helped me to plan and prepare myself for the low season with saving strategies to deal with it and to ensure the sustainability of my business.


Marta Luisa Meléndez de Orozco


Paprikas by Auxilius


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