An family entrepreneurial spirit

Now we have a united team, with a vision and specific goals.
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Gustitos de Coatepeque is a family company specialized in the production of confectionery, beverages and other typical and innovative products.


The company was born from the need to generate income for the family through the production of artisan confectionery. We started producing and selling our confectionery in 2014 and participating in events such as fairs and gastronomic festivals.


Before starting the training, we found ourselves in a situation of financial and working management crisis. We had bad production processes and the relationships among us were difficult. We received no salary, which was an important source of conflict.


Participating in microMBA was a rewarding experience. I learned a lot about personal development thanks to the readings we were given and the case studies. Knowing the experiences of other participants; developing personal introspection; understanding my fears, paradigms, failures, aptitudes and successes; feeling empathy with the other members of the group; knowing people who have experienced the same difficulties or different experiences to mine; all this has been an important source of learning.


By participating in the program, I have managed to ensure that my partners form a supportive working team and that our vision and mission are embodied in our work context. It has been hard work and I have even had to fight against myself. However, we have achieved excellent results: we have better organized ourserlves, we now share a common vision with concrete plans and specific objectives.


We have improved the production conditions of our premises: we are now in a new space with better hygiene conditions, as it has drinking water. We have also increased our sales by 69% and are now able to receive a salary.


Now I find BALANCE between my different responsibilities, as a mother, daughter, sister and entrepreneur. I try to be consistent with what I say and what I do. I wish to maintain this harmony, to put it into practice and not to give up, as this would affect my development as a women, as a person and as an entrepreneur.


Andrea Bernal


Gustitos de Coatepeque


Production and marketing of confectionery and artisanal beverages


El Salvador